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Audit Services

  • ?Financial Statements Audits (Under Chinese GAAP)
  • ?Financial Statements Audits (Under IFRS)
  • ?Liquidation Accounting Statements Audits
  • ?Internal Control Audits
  • ?Other Special Purpose Audits and Attestation Service
  • ?Attestation of Agreed Proceedings
  • ?Invested Capital Verification

?Tax Services

  • ?Preparation of Current Materials of Transfer Pricing

????? According to the requirement of <Implementing Measures for Special Tax Adjustment?? (Trial)? > (Guo Shui Fa [2009] No.2), the eligible company must prepare its current materials of transfer pricing before the next 31st May, from the year the related transaction has happened. In addition, according to <Notice About Strengthening Monitoring and Investigation of the Cross-border Related Party Transactions >(Guo Shui Han [2009] No.363),? if the company which undertakes the limited function and risks has a loss, the company must prepare current materials in the same year as well as other relevant materials, whether the company has reached the level of preparing the current materials or not. All the materials must be submitted to the tax authority by the following 20th June.


?? When we help the company to prepare the current materials, not only treat it as a contractual duty to finish, but also help the company examine whether the related transactions are eligible for independent transaction rules. This process could help the company determine an effective tax planning, risk management, establish reasonable commercial structure as well as prevent tax risk.


  • Making Transferring Pricing Policy

???? Related transactions are unavoidable within the group; with the development of multi-national trade, the related transactions become more and more comprehensive. Related transactions not only refer to Chinese tax, but also refer to other countries’ tax. Therefore, it is necessary for the group to consider how to make the related transactions more reasonable, reduce the tax costs of related transactions as well as maximize the profit.


??? We could help the company make the transfer pricing plan and provide professional service, in order to reduce the tax costs and risks, make the related transactions more reasonable as well as maximize the profit.


  • Cost Amortization Agreement

?????? Cost amortization agreement is a frame agreement between different companies, in order to ascertain the costs and risks proportion of involved parties and ascertain the nature and scope of the prospective earnings from the asset, service and right.

?We could apply for the cost amortization agreement from the Tax authority instead of the company.

  • ?Non-trade foreign exchange payment

?Non-trade foreign exchange payment is a program that overseas institutions or person has service income or profit, interest, rental, special use fees as well as income from capital in our country, and domestic company or person pays foreign currency.

??????? With the development of global economic integration, the international transactions have increased, as a result, more and more tax problems about the foreign exchange payment. Our team could help the company draft the agreement and reduce the tax liability.

  • ?Income Tax of Merger, Acquisitions and Reorganization

??? ?Merger, acquisitions and reorganization includes: debt restructuring, equity acquisition, asset acquisition, merge, discrete, equity exchange and asset exchange. Financial Department and Tax Authority have published the relevant materials about the income tax of merger, acquisition and reorganization. Shanghai has also published <Shanghai Income Tax of Merger, Acquisition and Reorganization Rules>.

??We could help you make a good plan for merger, acquisition and reorganization.

  • ??Export tax rebate
  • ?Other Tax Services
  • ?Corporate Income Tax
  • ?Land Value Increment Tax
  • ?Offset Losses before Tax
  • ?Deduct the Income Tax of the Asset
  • ?Deduct the Development Expense

??Accounting Service

  • ??Design and Establish Financial Process

???? Financial Control Design: Separation of Financial Work, Authority Control, Budget Management Control, Internal Accounting Inspection.

???Specify Accounting Process: Understand company’s business model and industry environment, arrange financial receipts, coordinate the work between different department.

??? Inspection and Maintenance at regular intervals: Inspection and maintenance the financial process monthly or quarterly, improve financial process and internal control according to the actual implementation.

  • ???Accounting Treatment and Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements

?Monthly financial statements includes Chinese regulatory financial statements, overseas group financial statements, overseas regulatory financial statements.

?Monthly tax statements and statistical statement.

  • ??Other Commercial Services
  • ?Financial Statements and Annual Examination
  • ?Staff Salary and Income Tax Service.
  • ?Monthly Income Tax Service
  • ?Annual Income Tax Service
  • ?Income Tax Arrears
  • ?Income Tax for Obverses Staff

?PE/VC Financial Advisory Service

  • ?Financial and Commercial Due Diligence: we provide financial and commercial due diligence for PE/VC, which could help PE/VC provide effective information. At the same time, we also provide profit model and valuation analysis and recommendations.
  • ?After Investment Management: we provide after investment management service for PE/VC, such as carrying out the invest agreement, chasing the operation performance and analysis, improve the investee’s governance and internal control, integrating the resources from the investor and industry and providing the needed services of the company. From the above activities, we can help the company reduce invest risks and improve the company’s performance.
  • ?Account Management

?Instructional Account Management: Help the company manage all kinds of accounts, use instructional method direct the finance department; manage and improve company’s accounts and set a good financial foundation for the company.

?Exchange Financial Statements: We could provide financial statements exchange between IFRS, US GAAP and PRC GAAP according to the need of the company.

  • ?Capital Markets Tutorials

?Advisory of Accessing to Capital Markets: Provide advisory service to help the company solve the problems for accessing to capital markets, such as relevant rules, process, policy, method, plan and reorganization. Provide the analysis of the possibility.

?Project Design: Provide project design service about reorganization, method and schedule.

?Coordinate and Carry Out the Project: Help the company chooses the law firm, accounting firm and investment bank and coordinate the work between them.

?Design Financing Project: Provide financing project design according to the client’s requirements.

?Attract Investors: Help the client attract and choose equity investor, debt investor, tactic investor and finance investor, and negotiate with them instead of clients.

?Our team has a lot of experience in such services.

  • ?Other Advisory Services
  • ?Inspection of Economic Dispute
  • ?Segmentation of Shareholders’ Assets